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Experience, skill & knowledge are what makes it possible for us to enable our construction clients to realize their ultimate vision for their homes, whether they are building a new home or taking their existing home to a new level.


Our approach with remodeling or new construction is to save clients time, money and frustration with our "design build."  We do the initial design ourselves, from a legal pad right up to the point where the client is happy and ready hire an architect to make any final modications necessary to complete the plans.  This gives the client far more options in planning their dream home than they can get from most builders or plan books.  Although an architect is always necessary to complete the project, our design build provides a huge hedge against that cost.  With our repair services, there's no need to move in cases where a client's home needs to be updated, brought back from damage (termites, rot, water damage, etc.) or refit for necessary changes in use or lifestyle (handicap accessibility, safety, life changes).

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